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I'd like to think my art, style wise, has gotten a little more consistent over the course of my hiatus. But I'll let you, darling f-list be the judge of that. At the very least I think I've improved with colouring. However! Enough of the boring self-reflection and onto the arts!

Character(s): Millicent Bulstrode
Rating: NWS! Nudity, but you can't see much.
Medium: HB pencil and Photoshop.
Notes: This is a surprise illustration for [ profile] wantsunicorns, because she's been a really good, patient friend the last few days, beta-ing on the go and helping me with my fear of putting words down. Oh, and also because she wrote an amazing Millicent/Luna fic for [ profile] femmefest. This was inspired by the opening scene. Darling, I wanted to rec your fic the second I started reading it, I hope the fact that I loved it so much to illustrate a scene from it is enough to convince everyone else to go read it!

"Millicent sits by the open window and her eyes follow the trail of smoke from her cigarette to where it vanishes into the darkness."

Character(s): Roxanne Weasley
Rating: G
Medium: HB pencil and Photoshop.
Notes: I am finally, finally starting to get really into next-gen. Lord knows it took me forever, but here we are. Here is Roxanne! She is wearing Gryffindor colours, because she'd totally be in Gryffindor. *nods*. Next up, Lucy Weasley and Teddy Lupin. 

Thanks for looking! Requests for other characters are most welcome, especially the next-gen women!

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