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If you're reading this, then we have something in common, and that's wonderful. First of all, thank you! This is my first time doing Yuletide, and I have no doubt it's going to be great!

So, general things first:

I am legally not allowed to read anything with sexual content between folks under the age of 18 here, so please keep that in mind!

I love: gritty slice-of-life stuff, femmeslash, gen, rough sex, character studies, butch/femme relationships, revisiting characters, dystopian takes on canon events, characters with feminist politics/philosophies, navigating relationships with one or both characters being chronically ill and/or characters with disabilities, hair pulling (in the sexy sense), morally dubious characters, watersports, butch/butch, angst, hurt/comfort, semi-public sex, smoking, science, backstories, detectives who aren't cops, a good mystery, etc.

I love obsessive (not necessarily in a good or helpful way), clever (in a good way!) female characters and characters who are a bit weird or intense in relationships.

I love angst, so I don't mind sad or ambiguous endings, but I'd prefer no character death unless it's canon and not explicitly described.

I am not into: fluff (but I don't want people to be cruel just for the sake of being cruel), characters drinking lots, dub-con, non-con, jokes about suicide, incest, extreme gore, domestic violence, assault.

I recognize that some of these things do occur in the canons I am requesting, but, especially the last two on that list, I really would prefer not to have to read about it!

So, speaking of canons:


Whenever I try to explain what this book is about, it generally comes out sounding something like, "Teenage witches! Lesbians! Smoking, teenage witches!"

But it's more than that. Skim is an outcast, I guess on a base level, that is the heart of what appeals to me about this one. She's an outcast, and she's deeply insular. The whole thing is diary entries, so you know she spends a lot of time alone, thinking. She's also obsessive. Obviously if we've matched on this one then you know exactly what I mean. Oh, and the analogies. I guess the voice in this book rings really true.

So, requests/prompts: I'd love to see more of the Kim & Katie friendship developed. Skim/Katie is okay too. I want to know what happened to Ms. Archer. My headcanon is some kind of mental health problem, but I'm also wary of the "all lesbians are crazy" trope, you know. But maybe she was a hoarder.

Maybe Kim and Katie run into Ms. A somewhere a few years later, and Kim has to confront her feelings about high school, explain to Katie, etc.

Also note: maybe I don't have to say this, but I will anyway: Kim is a person of colour! That means be realistic about how this affects her interaction with the world, don't paint a racist caricature, and don't white-wash her.

Anyway, here are some panels that hopefully give you a feel for the book if you haven't read it already(apologies for the messy scans):

The Bletchley Circle

So I watched this really recently and fell right head over stupid heels in love with it. Oops. It's amazing though. Strong women who are detectives and not cops? Yes please. Also I have a wee crush on Anna Maxwell Martin, shh.

Here is the trailer (if you are very sneaky and haven't already seen it, you can probably watch it online *cough*, too):

So, requests/prompts: I'm pretty taken by Susan/Millie. I'd love to see more of the four women working together during the war, or deciding to solve more murder cases. I'm reluctant to split Susan and her husband up, mostly because he's disabled, and maybe that's a little warped, but it's so rare to see disabled characters in relationships on T.V., but if you must/want to, do it nicely. I just want to know more about all of them, I think. Perhaps years later, Susan has to explain her choices/actions to her kids? Epistolary fic is great, too. Why does Lucy have such a good memory? How else does it come in handy?

I just watched this again! So, ETA: My Susan/Millie feelings are way out of control. I'm feeling less fussed about Susan's husband, mostly because of how much he underestimates Susan!

And who is the woman at the morgue? How does Jean know her?

Perhaps Susan could ask about the clothes Millie gave Lucy, getting jealous.

Margaret vs. Pauline (song)

Neko Case has a way with words. I feel like flailing about this is redundant because the lyrics speak for themselves, I've bolded the parts I especially love:

Everything's so easy for Pauline
Everything's so easy for Pauline

Ancient strings set feet a'light to speed to her
Such mild grace
No monument of tacky gold
They smooth her hair with cinnamon waves
And they placed an ingot in her breast
To burn, cool and collected
Fate holds her firm in its cradle
And then rolls her for a tender pause to savor

Everything’s so easy for Pauline

Girl with the parking lot eyes
Margaret is the fragment of a name
Her bravery is mistaken for the thrashing in the lake
By a make-believe monster whose picture is fake

Margaret is the fragment of a name

Her love pours like a fountain
Her love steams like rage
Jaw aches from wanting
And she's sick from chlorine
But she'll never be as clean
As the cool side of satin, Pauline

Two girls ride the blue line
Two girls walk down the same street
One left a sweater sitting on the train
And the other lost three fingers at the cannery

Everything's so easy for Pauline
For Pauline...
I think this also comes back to the 'obsessive female characters' thing. There are a bunch of ways you could interpret this song, so here are my vague ideas: It's about two women from very different class backgrounds. They may or may not interact directly. Margaret is angry at the world, and to Pauline, her problems are on a par with Margaret's (obviously they are not, but). Margaret is disabled: she lost three fingers, she's sick, etc. Maybe they meet, maybe Margaret knows who Pauline is but never speaks to her, only has this burning obsessive rage about how easy it is for Pauline.

So, requests/prompts: I'd basically just be happy for any of the above to be incorporated. Two side-by-side character studies? Awesome! Margaret/Pauline? Great!

Once again, thank you! I'm sure you'll do great!

<3 Gil
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