Jun. 26th, 2012 12:59 pm
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Wings to the Weak, Grace to the Strong by [ profile] tristesses, Ginny/Cho, NC-17, 2803 words. Warnings for rough sex and PTSD.

Summary: They've left the war behind, but every now and then, it catches up with them.

Why you should read it: So, this was my gift (kind of, but also not really - I had to drop out for health reasons) for the [ profile] femmefest exchange, so I'm possibly biased since it was written to my prompts, but holy wow this is good fic. The sex is really expertly done, managing to be both rough and tender at once, and the effects of the war on both characters are quietly heartbreaking. I recommend reading it, even if you don't normally go for femmeslash - it's short, easy to read and both chilling and funny.

Excerpt: "I am," Ginny says, and the corners of her mouth curl, catlike, "very threatening."

Midsummer Night's Dream by [ profile] magnolia_mama, Ginny/Harry, NC-17, 8342 words.

Summary: Midsummer was always the most difficult time of year. There would be moments when Ginny became absolutely convinced someone was standing right behind her, but whenever she turned around, no one was there.

Why you should read it: Okay, so obviously I'm on a bit of a Ginny kick, but you can't help feel for her reading this. She's stubborn, haunted and obsessive, and obviously self-sufficient. The writing is what makes this, really. No two words are heavy-handed, and the atmosphere is so tangible it feels heavy in the air as you read it. I'm also, admittedly, a sucker for the dark, nautical imagery.

Excerpt: Sleep had eluded her, until the pale imitation of night gave way to dawn's grasping fingers and Ginny dragged her taut body and aching head out of bed to cope with the long day that lay ahead.

More to come!


Dec. 8th, 2011 12:00 am
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Okay, so first of all, my gift from [ profile] hd_holidays

Every Fifteen Seconds by anon, H/D, NC-17. 20,540 words. Warnings for violence and bloodiness, from the violence.

Summary: The faceless men Draco Malfoy fights these days don’t offer redemption or salvation. They don’t offer answers or even friendship. Draco is tired of answers, and though he still has a few friends, most of them have lives of their own and can’t understand how Draco is still haunted by the ghost of someone he hasn’t seen in four years. And as for salvation, Draco gave up on that years ago. Because even the Saviour couldn’t be saved.

This is the comment I left, apologies for it being a bit scattered and all over the place, I was really excited:

This is the comment I left, cut for spoilers and length! )

Next is from [ profile] hp_emofest.

Festival Night by anon, Draco/Albus Severus, NC-17. 6780 words. Warnings for age disparity: 49/23. 

Summary: Scorpius is getting married, and Albus Severus is the best man. At the wedding, Draco is feeling old, fat and maudlin, watching his son take this huge step, so he goes off for a walk in the Manor gardens. Albus Severus follows him.

Why it's genius: First of all, Draco describing himself as a "divorced ex-Death Eater poof" is fantastic, and this is hot as hell. Most of the things I've read with this pairing have had a distinct D/s vibe to them, which I love (obviously), but here it's almost blessedly missing. Instead, Albus is stunningly sincere, and Draco reads as... coming back out of his sexual retirement, if you will. Basically, it had me at: outdoor sex and fat admiration.

Lucky last is a piece of art from [ profile] nextgen_mas.

By My Rules by anon, Teddy/James II, PG. 

Summary: James plays a little game. Teddy wasn't really up to it.

Why I love it: I was sold at 'watercolours'. This is beautiful. The colours are crisp and sharp, and each choice for their hair, clothes, etc. is wonderfully deliberate and appropriate. Admittedly I'm yet to really get into next gen, but Teddy is sort of my current exception to that rule. He's sort of reminiscent of Remus here; he's a little sad, and seems to consider every word carefully. James is adorably boisterous, and it all just works. 

On a side note, I still haven't really settled into a way of reccing things that I feel 100% comfortable with. Darling f-list, what is your favourite way of laying things out?


Nov. 15th, 2011 09:12 pm
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A few things I read recently and loved:

Oh, and HUGE TRIGGER WARNING ON THE FIRST ONE, I can't stress this enough (even in bold caps).
Cut for length! )


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